5 Challenges of Seasonal Hiring

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If your organization has seasonal fluctuations in your business cycles, then you’re likely all too familiar with the many challenges of hiring workers to meet that changing demand. Seasonal staffing can provide you with the flexibility to meet these cyclical variations, without assuming the responsibilities that come with permanent, full-time employees. It’s no wonder, then, […]

4 Tips for Contingent Workforce Background Screening

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Since 2009, the number of temporary employees in the workforce has increased by 29 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. At the same time, the number of private jobs grew by less than one percent. The findings of HireRight’s 2011 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report also show an increase in temporary or contingent […]

Healthcare temp background screening

3 Trends Point to Increased Temporary Hiring in Health Care and Inherent Risk

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In a few years, the health care industry will experience an explosive increase in the need for temporary workers driven by changes in population, demographics, economics and policy. It is recommended that all organizations review these trends and consider how this increase in contingent workers might affect their current worker screening programs to mitigate the inherent risk.

Temp Agencies Skipping Background Checks, Attracting Unfit Nurses

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An investigation by the Los Angeles Times has discovered that some temp firms that provide nurses to hospitals are taking shortcuts in the background screening process, and may be placing unqualified, incompetent and even convicted criminals as caregivers for patients. High-volume demand driven by the massive nursing shortage, scarce regulation and inadequate systems has resulted […]