Comparing Extended Workforce Screening in the U.S., EMEA, and APAC

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It’s fascinating – and informative – to review the findings from the American editions of our 10th Annual Employment Screening Benchmark Report with those from our European/Middle East/Africa, and Asia/Pacific Regions. We’re literally – and figuratively – oceans apart in many areas, but according to the many thousands of hiring professionals we’ve surveyed around the world, also share many of the same perspectives and practices in conducting increasingly-critical background checks.

Take a look at how we compare verifying the backgrounds of The Extended Workforce: independent contractors, contingent and temporary workers, volunteers, and vendor representatives. The results may surprise you.

Don’t Volunteer for Trouble: Background Check Your Volunteers

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Most businesses conduct background screening on their employees to mitigate negligent hiring risks, meet regulatory compliance and to improve the overall quality of hire. This is especially true for those organizations assisting the youth, elderly, disabled and other vulnerable populations. However, many non-profit organizations fail to background check their volunteers. Like employees, volunteers may have […]