Our Culture

We have assembled an exceptional team committed to the success of our people and our organization. In addition, we have created a culture that is performance-oriented, yet highly collaborative and fun. For more than three decades, HireRight has led the way in changing how companies around the world hire employees. We’re looking for skilled, energetic professionals who want to help us to drive this change even further.

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Change may not be easy but it is a constant at HireRight when it comes to finding new and better ways to serve our customers. We believe that a continuous improvement process that results in more satisfied, better served customers is the key to our success.
Throughout HireRight’s history there have been inflection points in our business, where we have undertaken dramatic innovations and put space between us and the competition. Today, we continue to innovate in order to deliver greater speed and quality to our customers. Tomorrow, you can expect more of the same!
Integrity is part of HireRight from the start. We follow the same processes we assist our customers with to ensure that, like them, we are making a high quality hiring decisions—decisions that simply can’t be done without the information and services we provide.
HireRight was founded with a passion for creating a better way to hire and to build workforces. Today, that passion runs strong in our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions and high-quality service to our customers.