Rewards & Recognitions

At HireRight, we recognize our employees' work with formal awards and informal expressions of appreciation. We encourage the recognition of excellent performance and achievement through the use of rewards that are both meaningful and immediate. Click the links below to learn more about our reward and recognition programs

HireRight's employee recognition program is built around a set of values and priorities that assist employees in matching their actions to company initiatives. Each year, the recognition program is supported by a fun, new theme. The 2012 theme, "Mission: Possible" has been built around increasing customer satisfaction. Previous annual themes included "Satisfaction Superheroes", "Reaching New Heights", "The Amazing Race", "Growing for the Gold" and "Formula 1". Employees nominate one another for recognition with quarterly winners announce by the CEO. At the end of the year, four to six employees are selected from among the quarterly winners to receive a large grand prize.