Data Security Is Job One

As a Consumer Reporting Agency, data security is a top priority for HireRight and we are committed to protecting the privacy of you and your applicants at all times. In fact, we maintain stringent data security policies through our practices, processes and systems to ensure that client information remains safe and secure.

For example, we conduct regular audits to make certain that tight controls are in place to minimize the risk of fraudulent acts. As a standard policy, HireRight partitions account data. Customers can only view data within their own account, based on information they have provided and do not have the ability to view or access information that falls outside their account. All access to our systems is password protected and requires three unique ids.

We employ SSL data encryption for Internet data transmission, and have installed robust firewalls to prevent external unauthorized access into our systems. We also retain external security experts and intrusion detection systems to scan for, analyze and regularly ensure that no security breach opportunities exist.

HireRight uses the International Standards Organization (ISO) 27001 standard to ensure that we meet globally recognized industry best practices.

Our emphasis on security is equally reflected in the way we work. All employees and contractors of HireRight receive a thorough background check. In addition, security training is part of every new employee orientation. We operate in an almost paperless environment, and shred any paper documents that are generated. In addition, our facilities feature state-of-the-art security equipment with monitored, controlled, secure entrances.