Monitors Changes to Driving Records

HireRight DVA is an automated notification of motor vehicle record (MVR) information on drivers with recent changes to their driving record. MVRs are automatically ordered when activity has been detected.

With the addition of the medical certification information to CDL driving records, you can now more closely monitor the license status change in many states.

Key Benefits
  • Ongoing driver record monitoring
  • Eliminates surprises during regulated annual review
  • Mitigates liability issues

HireRight Driver Violation Alert (DVA) Benefits

By obtaining driver information on a monthly basis, carriers can address issues when necessary instead of waiting for the annual review. The process may also allow a driver to take corrective action to resolve a problem.

Using DVA allows carriers to extend the annual review date of a driver by an additional 11 or 12 months when a change has been identified (assuming the additional requirements of the annual review are fulfilled).

  • Quickly identify drivers with a suspended license (not applicable in all states)
  • Efficient, cost effective way to ensure safe, qualified drivers
  • Reduces the administrative time of ordering and reviewing employee driving records
  • Helps prevent costly liability claims and damage to company property
  • Mitigates the possibility of negative press and promotes company safety

Key Features

  • Monthly notification of changes to driving records
  • MVRs are automatically ordered when activity has been detected
  • Ability to choose which states to monitor
  • Monitor license status in most states
  • Management reports show 12 month DVA history by driver