Automated Employment Verification System

DOT-regulated employers are required by federal regulations to provide three years of work history, and drug/alcohol records on their current and former drivers. DAC Online provides a completely automated solution that allows authorized employers access to prospective driver applicant information.

In addition, DAC online allows drivers to review the safety performance information that is being released about them and request a correction, and/or initiate a dispute or rebuttal in accordance with federal regulations.

Key Benefits
  • 24/7 access to employment and drug/alcohol histories
  • Automates the response to prospective employer inquiries
  • Allows drivers to access their records online

HireRight DAC Online Benefits

DAC Online offers a secure environment for prospective employers that have been granted acces to view driver applicants' work histories and drug/alcohol records. Each request along with the information provided to prospective employers is stored in the HireRight system. Management reports can be pulled and used for compliance audits.

  • Reduces time spent responding to calls and faxes from prospective employers
  • Prospective employers can quickly and efficiently verify driver work histories
  • Drivers can securely review the information that is being released about them
  • Facilitates the driver dispute and rebuttal process as required by regulation
  • Restricts usage to only legitimate, verified businesses

Key Features

  • Provides up to 10 years of employment history verification
  • Provides a three-year drug/alcohol history verification
  • Allows drivers to access their own records to initiate a dispute or rebuttal if necessary
  • Maintains records of each request and response as mandated by federal requirements
  • Delivers robust reporting for managing the program
  • Secures information through a series of security levels to restrict access