2016 Employment Screening Benchmark Report

How Do You Stack Up Against Other Screening Programs?

HireRight's ninth annual benchmark report provides you with data and facts gathered from thousands of HR professionals sharing common practices about their employment screening programs. Their answers provide you with insights on the current hiring landscape, hiring and employment screening challenges, and new initiatives planned for 2016.

Here's a quick preview of what's inside the report:

A Growing Economy and Business Outlook

The U.S. hiring outlook is generally positive, with 77% of organizations expecting their workforce to grow.

The Majority Say That Employment Screening Discovers Lies or Misrepresentations

Eighty-four percent indicated screening uncovered issues that would not have been otherwise found and 88% indicated screening uncovered lies or misrepresentations on a resume.

Screening of Non-Employees is Just as Important

Organizations are hiring both direct employees and non-employees such as contingent, contract and temporary workers. In total, 81% of employers screen this "extended workforce," who can pose many of the same risks as regular employees.

For a full scope of the report and insights on the current recruitment landscape, hiring and employment screening challenges, and new initiatives from thousands of human resources professionals, download the 2016 HireRight Employment Screening Benchmark Report.

"In a highly competitive labor market, employment background checks are an important competitive advantage to help attract top talent. We're increasingly seeing employers focused on extending a positive candidate experience into the background screening process. It's quite clear: the candidate experience matters."

- Mary O' Loughlin, Vice President of Global Customer Experience