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#LifeAtHireRight: Spotlight on Background Screening Verifications

Today, we are talking to Liz Plakholm, a Verification Researcher, working remotely from our Toronto, Ontario, Canada location. Liz shares her start in the background screening industry, and what #LifeAtHireRight means to her.

August 9, 2022
8.8.22 2022-08 Blog-LifeAtHireRight Liz-Plakholm

Here at HireRight, our teams work hard to build the future of screening services while striving to put the customer first. Internally, we rally around a culture committed to collaboration, service-first mindset, sense of ownership, and other corporate values to help employers get it right – every time, everywhere. But what is it like to work here? And who are the employees behind our background screening and workforce solutions?

Today, we are talking to Liz Plakholm, a Verification Researcher, working remotely from our Toronto, Ontario, Canada location. Liz shares her start in the background screening industry, and what #LifeAtHireRight means to her.

How long have you worked at HireRight and what is your role? What did you do before you worked at HireRight?

I started working at HireRight in November 2021 as a Verification Researcher. As a verification researcher, I spend my day doing research on candidates to verify their information and put it into a report. This can involve phoning their past employers, reaching out to courts for records, or looking up educational documents. Previously, I have worked as a cook at a nursing home and then a daycare.

What do you love most about your job?

I love working at HireRight because every day provides me with a new unique challenge as well as the opportunity to develop new skills. The different types of requests, guidelines and the candidate needs are always changing, which keeps the work interesting.  

What is your proudest moment at HireRight?

My proudest moment at HireRight was being selected as Toronto’s Q1 North Star Champion. This award is given quarterly to a team member who has met or exceeded their QA (quality assurance) targets, and achieved 105% of their productivity target. It was rewarding to be recognized for my work at the company!

What does HireRight’s focus on putting the “Customer First” mean to you?

To me, “customer first” means always going a step above and beyond for the candidate and client to make sure they are always pleased with the service we provide to them. Whenever possible, when speaking with a candidate, I try and make sure that I clearly understand their questions and see their perspective to make sure I can provide them with the best possible answers.

What would you tell someone looking to get into the Background Screening industry?

Before HireRight, I didn’t know anything about the background screening industry. If someone was looking into a career in background screening, I would tell them to go for it! It’s a great opportunity, with many possibilities for advancement in your career, interesting and unique work, and there’s many different types of jobs/career paths within the industry.

How is HireRight different from other places you have worked?

HireRight provides the opportunity to work from home. Personally, it took a while for me to adjust to not being surrounded by coworkers every day and having to communicate through email, Teams, etc. Previously my roles had me on my feet with inconsistent schedules; working at HireRight has helped me develop a have a good work/life balance.

What is #LifeAtHireRight to you?

To me, #LifeAtHireRight represents a worldwide community of workers with the same values and goals in the workplace. Since starting at HireRight the CORE4 Values have always been present in the work we do and communication with each other, these are the values that represent the HireRight community.

Be part of a diverse, global team dedicated to helping the world’s greatest companies – including your most loved brands – hire their talent with confidence.

At HireRight, our team members are innovating together to build the future of screening services and personal data. Experiencing #LifeatHireRight means working with great people on inspiring ideas to help employers get it right – everytime, everywhere. Check out our opportunities across the globe at HireRight Careers today!

Release Date: August 9, 2022

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