#LifeAtHireRight: Celebrating Our LGBTQ+ Community – Part 1

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Here at HireRight, our teams work hard to build the future of screening services while striving to put the customer first. Internally, we rally around a culture committed to collaboration, service-first mindset, sense of ownership, and other corporate values to help employers get it right – every time, everywhere. But what is it like to work here? And who are the employees behind our background screening and workforce solutions?

We are continuing to spotlight what #LifeAtHireRight means for our team members – in their words. During the month of June, we are featuring a series of blogs highlighting team members involved in our PRIDE employee affinity group – starting with Rob Reid, Head of EMEA Account Management. Rob joined HireRight as a team member in 2013 and is based out of our London office.

Our team asked Rob to share a little about his work at HireRight, his role within our PRIDE employee affinity group, and why observing PRIDE month is important.

How long have you worked at HireRight, and what do you do?
I’ve been with HireRight just over eight years, though I actually started my career here a little over 10 years ago – I moved to a competitor but ultimately saw the light and returned. I have worked in a number of client service roles through my time here and now oversee the Account Management function for EMEA, leading an incredible team of Account Managers, Senior Key Account Managers, and Account Directors. It’s our job to ensure our clients are happy and engaged with HireRight’s service and identifying further opportunities in the partnership.

What attracted you to a career at HireRight?
I found myself at HireRight quite accidentally; I had just completed my studies to become a primary teacher of all things, but reflecting at that time in my early 20s, it didn’t feel like the right time for me to pursue that career path and decided to seek out a different challenge. I interviewed for a number of companies but found the core purpose of HireRight to be a fascinating one – I suppose it appealed to my innate nosiness, but it felt like there was an element of problem-solving required, which is something I have always enjoyed. I have always had a passion for developing people too (which drew me to teaching in the first place), and I am really pleased that my current role affords me this privilege.

At HireRight, we’re committed to putting the Customer First. How do you see this in your role?
HireRight has an incredible customer base, and this gives me and my teams the opportunity to partner closely with many of the world’s most prominent names across industries. My role requires me to identify trends, understand nuances and implement meaningful and positive change to ensure that each and every customer experiences best-in-class service.

Why did you feel it was important to become involved in HireRight’s PRIDE employee affinity group? What are some of your current projects within the group?
As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have understood first-hand how important it can be to have access to a group of people and information that speak to my own experiences. LGBTQ+ individuals experience unique challenges, and so much of the support we receive comes from access to our community, allies, and resources. I have been acutely aware of the negative impact that 2020 had on this access, and wanted to be part of the solution to tackle these challenges within my own community and professional network.

I am now proud to act as president of HireRight’s PRIDE employee affinity group — alongside my co-president, Lindsay Watts, who you’ll hear more from in a blog later this month – and have found this to be an incredibly rewarding experience. I am learning more about all areas of the LGBTQ+ community, extending my network, and making some great new friends. Our group focus over the last couple of months has been about establishing our purpose and goals. We agree to everything by consensus, and our shared goal is to create a space for education and networking, but always remembering to have fun – we have begun a series of coffee breaks and have some exciting plans to keep an eye out for over Pride Month!

What does Pride month mean to you and why is it important?
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are still criminalized in more than 70 countries worldwide, many still imposing the death penalty. I have the extraordinarily good luck of being born in one of the most comparatively tolerant countries. I feel strongly, however, that tolerance should not be mistaken for equality, and still today I experience obstacles, judgment, and even abuse for being a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride Month for me is about celebrating the achievements of all of those in the community, past, and present, but most importantly, sending the message that we need to continue the fight for true equality both in the UK and in all other countries where there is still so much work to be done.

HireRight strives to be a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees feel comfortable being themselves. What has your experience been like working here?
I have always found HireRight to be a really inclusive workplace that encourages people to be themselves and creates opportunities for those that have the drive to develop themselves. Of course, we are not at perfection just yet, but I see the desire to continually move forward through our increasingly diverse workforce (at all levels) and the appreciation of our unique experiences in affinity groups like PRIDE, as well as our WorldWideWomen, Black Lives Matter and Military Reservists and Veterans groups.

As HireRight celebrates Pride Month, what would you like to share with colleagues?
Pride and Pride Month is a great opportunity for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to connect. The PRIDE affinity group is open to all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Our mission is to create a space that is free of judgment where anyone and everyone can learn from one another and extend their social and professional network.

Our corporate culture is important to us here at HireRight, and we view it as an important differentiator as an employer. What do you appreciate most about HireRight’s company culture?
It may be cliché to say, but it is the people that differentiate HireRight. There is a sense of community and shared goals within our company, and this fosters collaboration between our teams and across geographies. On any given week, I have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues from a wide variety of backgrounds, all of whom bring their own unique skills and perspectives to the job.

Be part of a diverse, global team dedicated to helping the world’s greatest companies – including your most loved brands – hire their talent with confidence.

At HireRight, our team members are innovating together to build the future of screening services and personal data. Experiencing #LifeatHireRight means working with great people on inspiring ideas to help employers get it right – every time, everywhere. Check out our opportunities across the globe at HireRight Careers today!



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