5 Tips for International Background Screening

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If your firm is like many companies today, workforce globalization has fueled growth and brought great value to your organization. But along with these new opportunities come an array of new challenges for the global security and HR departments. In the spirit of inclusion, global companies sometimes survey their offices worldwide to learn the current […]

Driver Monitoring Marks Future Trend for Transportation Industry

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With the new carrier rating system under Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010, it is more important than ever for carriers to regularly monitor the performance of their drivers. While ratings for individual drivers are not yet being implemented under CSA, every violation by every driver negatively impacts the carrier’s BASIC rating. Although drivers are required […]

Insufficient Background Checks and Controls Yield Fraud for Many SMBs

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Many small business owners unknowingly expose their company to a higher risk of employee fraud and theft than large organizations by ignoring common security measures. A recent article by the Wall Street Journal reveals the significant risk that small businesses face when failing to implement security measures such as thorough background checks, auditing, and workplace […]

New Transportation Compliance and Regulatory Developments

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The big news on the regulatory front in the Transportation Industry is the Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA 2010), which is currently in a pilot program and will go into effect nationwide this summer. As an employment screening provider endorsed by the American Trucking Associations (ATA), HireRight works closely with the ATA and the Federal Motor Carrier […]


Adverse Selection: Are You Hiring Criminals?

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Is it important to you that someone by the name of Scott Baker was arrested? It may be of concern if he were your employee. Baker, a nursing assistant employee of a home healthcare firm, attempted to burglarize the residence he was assigned to and stabbed the patient's wife, killing her. His employer was found […]