State Ban The Box Laws

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Ban the box laws limit when an employer may permissibly ask about an individual’s criminal history. Often times, employers ask about an individual’s criminal history on an employment application.  The trend in the law is to prohibit this practice. Each ban the box law prohibits any covered employer from asking about criminal history until after […]


How HR Tech Can Improve The Candidate Experience

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There’s little doubt that we are quickly moving towards a candidate’s market. There are all kinds of stats I could present to prove my point. But if you’re an HR professional, you probably don’t need any data to validate your own personal experience. Chances are that you’re overwhelmed with open requisitions for new job openings, […]


Leveraging Technology for End-to-End Driver Workflow Management – From Recruitment to Onboarding and Beyond!

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Given the current driver shortage, increased emphasis has been placed on the hiring process and the ability to quickly hire qualified drivers before competitors draw them onboard. To respond to this dilemma, fleets are increasingly implementing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to help them better manage their recruiting and hiring process. An ATS is a […]


The Economic Outlook for Trucking in 2015 [Podcast]

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Welcome to HireRight’s first Transportation podcast in conjunction with the American Trucking Associations. Bob Costello, Chief Economist at ATA discusses the U.S. Economy and the impact to the trucking industry. While there were some issues that led to suppressed freight volumes earlier this year, Bob predicts the economy to get back on track shortly. With […]