Adjudication Services – HireRight’s Not-So Secret Weapon to Improve Your Background Check Program

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When surveyed for HireRight’s 2020 Benchmark Report, companies of all sizes spanning multiple industries reported that among the most significant employment screening challenges were verifying information, improving efficiency in the screening process, and meeting regulatory requirements. What if we told you our adjudication product could help you vet and hire candidates faster and more efficiently […]

Lying on resumes is a bad idea

Liar, Liar – Your Pants and the Rest of You Are Fired!

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<Sigh.> Despite the constant strides forward in improving the speed and precision HireRight applies in sniffing out falsehoods and misrepresentations, candidates continue to lie on job applications and resumes. Big mistake. Providing misinformation can not only eliminate an otherwise-qualified candidate from consideration for a job but get them fired even years later if they do […]

What Employers Might Have Missed In the First Half of 2020:  From Ban-the-Box Laws to Marijuana Measures, a Midyear Compliance Update

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The first half of 2020 has brought a dynamic shift from the typical legislative agenda. Despite a pivot in priorities, many laws affecting employers, particularly those aimed at promoting job seekers’ and employees’ rights, still managed to cross the finish line.  Here’s what you need to know.