Illinois, New York City, and Philadelphia Revise Background Screening Laws

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This blog was originally published in Forbes on December 30, 2020. Lawmakers in three jurisdictions recently passed legislation that impacts employers’ screening programs.  Laws restricting consideration of an individual’s criminal history have advanced in Illinois, New York City, and Philadelphia; additionally, Philadelphia’s law concerning the use of credit history in employment decisions was recently amended. Illinois Legislation […]

How Innovation Is Changing the Future of Career Pathways

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Imagine that you have a digital wallet, containing your verified education and employment details as digital credentials. Any time you apply for a job, you need to only share the credentials from your wallet and potential employers could instantly gain access to verified information. Sound like something from the future? In fact, it’s a reality […]

Marijuana Wins Big On Election Day – What This Means For Employers

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This blog was originally published in Forbes on November 3, 2020. America saw a green wave sweep the country, with voters in three states, Arizona, Montana, and New Jersey, approving recreational marijuana, and voters in Mississippi approving medical marijuana. Voters in South Dakota advanced laws that legalize both medical and recreational marijuana. The result adds to a […]

A Brief Course in Education Verifications

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It’s best to verify all elements of a resume and job application – including those of newly-hired C-level executives.

Since many candidates have assumed that a prospective employer may not bother verifying his or her educational background, he or she may exaggerate or provide fabrications in this area.

Demonstrating due diligence by directing a background check company to thoroughly validate job candidates’ education references will keep an employer at the head of the class.