How Background Screening Helps Overcome 4 Common Business Challenges

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According to the 2012 HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, employers are beginning to shift their focus from cost-cutting to growth. During the recession, many employers’ primary focus was on cost reduction and containment. Now that optimism is improving, employers are looking for ways to achieve growth and strategic advantage. What many employers may not realize […]

Background screening best practices

7 Actionable Background Screening Best Practices

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Whether you are developing a new background screening program or need to review an existing one, employers can take immediate steps to help ensure an effective screening program with these seven best practices. 1. Get Buy-In To gain support for background screening internally, educate key decision makers and stakeholders about the benefits of screening such […]

3 Gaps in Small Business Background Checking

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While the adoption of employment background checks by small business is increasing, many employers may still be exposed to risk with an inadequate background checking program. According to the HireRight Small Business Spotlight, 95 percent of survey respondents are currently requiring a background check or planning to start performing background checks. Many small businesses recognize […]

Employee background screening trends

4 Emerging Background Screening Trends and How to Address Them

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In today’s employment environment, it is essential that human resources professionals monitor and address current trends that are impacting employment background screening. If organizations fail to address new background screening trends, they could find themselves exposed to risk or compliance concerns. Among the most prominent trends that are currently impacting background screening are shifting E-Verify […]

Health Care Hiring Outlook and the Importance of Background Screening

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Recognizing the unique employment screening challenges in the health care industry, HireRight created the HireRight Health Care Spotlight to illustrate the common practices of leading health care organizations in addressing important issues relating to background checks and health screening. The Spotlight is a summary of the 2011 HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, which included a […]