Candidate Resentment Calculator

Calculator helps determine how much a negative candidate
experience hurts brand reputation and potential revenue.

Candidate Resentment is defined as the point at which a job candidate becomes so dissatisfied with the recruiting process and potential employer they give up all interest in working for that company. The message the company communicates to the candidate is that he or she is not valued as a potential employee. As a result, the company cannot expect the candidate will feel valued as a customer.

The company may think, what impact does one person have? The reality is there is potential for multiple people to be (negatively) influenced.

Resentment manifests in a variety of ways:

  • Sharing negative experiences over multiple social channels
  • Communicating those experiences with an inner circle
  • Spending consumer dollars at a competing business in both the short and long term

For example, a candidate who has a negative experience with a local retail organization will remind their friends and family (even years later) about how bad the recruiting experience was, gaining compassion and influencing their buying decisions. This can have serious implications for the business' bottom line and even make or break organizational success.

Also consider the average revenue of a customer and the expected revenue for a high potential candidate. The potential lost revenue that results from turning critical talent toward resentment can be a ripple felt for years.

Cost of Candidate Resentment

Talent Board and HireRight have worked together to offer the Candidate Resentment Calculator. This free tool can help organizations assign a real value toward how negative candidate experiences and candidate resentment impacts their bottom line.


The Candidate Resentment Calculator assumes that 100 percent of the people that apply are potential customers or would accept an offered position as a baseline. Using a specifically designed formula, each question is built to help calculate how much your company may be losing with each negative candidate experience.

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