Our Culture

In 2016, we began a journey to craft a new set of values that represent the best of who we are and the best of what we will be. We wanted values that help us create and sustain an environment where we can all be our best—every day. So instead of gathering a handful of execs to write our values in a remote conference room, we asked our people—all of them—to describe their optimal environment. Our CORE4 values are the result of those first steps, but they are by no means the end of our journey. We want everyone—in every HireRight location—to be able to see themselves in these values. And we expect everyone to live them. After all, the action is what makes them real.



Actively listens to external and internal customers to understand the need behind the want. Treats colleagues like they treat their customers. Seeks understanding and patiently answers questions. Explains the issue and resolution. Follows up to ensure customer success.
Assumes positive intent. Contributes to an open, honest team environment in which people have the confidence to challenge our decisions and the way we work. Acts in the best interest of the company and its stakeholders. Acknowledges the value in others’ ideas and celebrates others’ accomplishments. Models the trust they expect in others.
Involves the right people—regardless of title or function—to get the best results in the fastest way. Appropriately lends expertise and personal experience. Works together to overcome team shortfalls. Focuses their energy on solutions instead of problems. Offers feedback based on behavior and results.
Keeps commitments and proactively manages expectations. Shows bravery in the face of changing circumstances. Clearly explains “why” when making decisions and “how” they will get results. Supports ideas with facts or data. Embraces individual, team, and company performance, regardless of the outcome.