HireRight Employee Profile: Celine Castleman

Celine Castleman

Role: Senior Manager of Operations
Dept: Verifications
As an Operations Manager, I am responsible for the performance of the Verifications department. I have a staff of four supervisors who directly manage the front-line employees. It is my job to ensure my team delivers optimal service to our clients by meeting our service level agreements with the highest level of quality. A large part of my job is the development of my staff. It is critical that my team has the support they need to better lead their teams and drive performance. I am passionate about the success and development of those who report to me and so, I do all that I can to offer guidance and feedback for their growth and success. Additionally, I partner with our Account Management team to respond to customer inquiries and offer proactive fulfillment solutions for our clients. I also manage various projects that directly impact the department. I work with several departments within the company to help ensure these projects are completed with success.
Client satisfaction is always top of mind for me. On a typical day, I usually spend the first part of my day, reviewing reports, watching incoming work, and department performance. This helps me to gauge our performance as well as ensure that we will meet our service delivery goals. Then, throughout the day, I continue to monitor department results and incoming workload. Not every day is the same at HireRight! I like this as it brings on new challenges for me to learn and grow from. Many times, I work on projects to help enhance and better the department, which ultimately provides a better service for our clients. I have great opportunities to partner with other departments on special projects where I offer operational expertise on our processes and procedures.
Away from HireRight, I enjoy exploring and trying new restaurants. I have a deep appreciation for photography, especially landscape and architectural photography. I also like taking walks, reading, and listening to music.
I have had an amazing experience working at HireRight. During my tenure, I have had the privilege of working with awesome leaders and all have inspired me to be a better leader myself. My advice is to get inspired and do something positive with it. When you are using that inspiration to come up with creative solutions it’s really an amazing thing to see how it can positively impact your clients.