HireRight Partner: BeaconInsight


BeaconInsight and HireRight have partnered together to provide a pre-integrated solution to consolidate critical recruiting and background screening requirements.  HireRight background screening and drug testing services can be ordered with just a few simple clicks from within BeaconInsight, and once the order is submitted, results can begin appearing in real-time without ever leaving the BeaconInsight system.  The integrated solution is easy and secure to use, provides flexibility, convenience, control, and faster access to results, and just as importantly, is easy to implement requiring no middleware or development.

About BeaconInsight

BeaconInsight is a comprehensive workforce management system that enables organizations to efficiently manage hiring, onboarding, and training & qualification compliance.  The Insight platform automates manual processes, enabling your team to focus on higher value activities by providing on-demand access to applicant and employee information for analysis, reporting and auditing.