HireRight Partner: Tenstreet


The Tenstreet/HireRight integration further extends our philosophy of providing a paperless recruiting experience by receiving results back from HireRight and automatically attaching them to the subjects file for easy retrieval.  Once ordered, the HireRight product status is automatically updated in Tenstreet Xpress™ and you can be notified when the order is complete. Some HireRight products are returned instantly and are available for review without leaving Tenstreet Xpress™. The end result is faster turnaround time, reduced labor costs and more efficiency in the hiring and onboarding process.

About Tenstreet Xpress

Many employers today evaluate applicants as they always have - manually, one at a time, and as fast as possible. Recruiters are so busy working in the system that they don't have time to work on the system. Many companies report that for every 100 applicants they recruit, they only end up hiring 2 or 3 and that many of the applicants are found to be unqualified on basic prerequisites only after spending scarce recruiter time to pursue them.

Tenstreet Xpress is a new means to manage the hiring process.