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HireRight DAC Edition

Integrated Screening Management Solution for Transportation Companies

Key Benefits
  • Efficiently Manage the Screening Process
  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance
  • Enhance Screening Program Effectiveness

HireRight DAC Edition is a highly integrated transportation screening management solution that advances programs to provide greater efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness.

Background, drug and health, I-9 and extended workforce screening are all integrated and accessible from a single, comprehensive platform.

Features such as status alerts, multitasking functionality, user management capabilities and improved reports streamline the screening process for faster processing of applicants.

HireRight DAC Edition also maximizes the use of instant search features for greater productivity and integrates seamlessly with existing technologies and systems.

HireRight DAC Edition Benefits

Maintain Regulatory Compliance
The screening services and tools included with HireRight DAC Edition are specifically designed to help organizations meet the requirements for background and drug screening of commercially licensed drivers.

Advanced capabilities such as intelligent ordering, dynamic reports and industry-specific products support compliance with DOT requirements and screening program policies.

DAC Edition features tools such as legislative news and alerts, educational resources, access to legal counsel, and expert commentary on current screening trends. Complementary HireRight services help to further protect against theft, negligent hiring litigation and workplace violence.

Enhance Screening Program Effectiveness
HireRight DAC Edition allows for centralized oversight with centralized or decentralized execution by bringing all screening activities, tasks and tools together in one location.

This enables expansion of the workforce screening program company-wide to address the entire workforce while requiring minimal organizational resources. Collaboration features facilitate better communication among various team members dispersed at multiple locations, such as those representing safety, recruiting, and human resources, while enforcing the consistent application of corporate policies using automated processes and electronic forms.

As a comprehensive transportation screening management solution, HireRight DAC Edition allows organizations to effectively meet their screening needs and better manage hiring decisions.

  • Reduces operational costs by streamlining workflows, facilitating accurate orders, and saving time
  • Real-time updates keep hiring managers informed during the entire screening process
  • Mitigates risk by allowing organizations to protect themselves against negligent hiring and retention lawsuits
  • Integrates seamlessly with popular applicant tracking and driver qualification systems
  • Automated tools support compliance with Department of Transporation (DOT) regulations and facilitate document management for audits
  • Leverages 30 years of experience and industry expertise

Key Features

Manage the entire background and drug and health screening program for employees and non-employees at all locations through a single platform that easily configures to your screening policies and requirements.
HireRight DAC Edition features a comprehensive product suite to help transportation companies fulfill DOT screening compliance requirements. Functionality such as the DAC Instant Search Pattern facilitates quick and intuitive ordering to process applicants more efficiently.
HireRight has 30 years of experience and expertise in helping transportation organizations perform background and drug and health screening that helps to meet regulated worker compliance requirements. We offer industry-leading products that provide comprehensive, quality information.
HireRight DAC Edition automates inefficient manual processes with electronic forms, intelligent ordering, auto-error checking, e-signatures and automated compliance tools. Streamlined workflow is created by consolidating tasks to increase screening program efficiency and convenience.
A simple, intuitive dashboard provides screening status through easily understood displays, graphics, charts, tables, lists, and collaborative comments that update continuously.
HireRight DAC Edition is pre-integrated with leading talent management solutions and also adapts to systems, processes, and applications using a flexible Application Programming Interface (API).
Users can control access while also keeping all relevant hiring stakeholders in the screening loop, providing role-based access rights and team notification capabilities.
As a true management tool, HireRight DAC Edition unifies information from all sources and integrated systems in user-configurable formatted reports according to scheduling and delivery options.
HireRight DAC Edition helps you manage your screening program and compliance with screening configurability and features such as automated FCRA compliance tools, forms, and contract management, and industry-specific news and regulatory updates.
Customers benefit from support provided by a specially trained group of representatives knowledgeable in DOT screening regulations. Customer support is available via telephone, email, or live chat.

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HireRight DAC Edition