HireRight Enterprise

Enterprise Screening Management for Large and Global Organizations
Key Benefits
  • Broaden your program with confidence
  • Achieve fast and consistent results worldwide
  • Maintain global control, visibility, and compliance

HireRight Enterprise is a highly integrated Enterprise Screening Management (ESM) solution that advances employment screening programs to provide greater efficiency, consistency, effectiveness, and compliance.

Advanced capabilities, such as intelligent ordering, dynamic reports, and automatic compliance, help to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and employment screening program policies.

HireRight Enterprise also allows candidates who are selected to automatically begin the on-boarding process through systems integration.

The platform also maximizes efficiency for greater productivity, integrates seamlessly with existing technologies and systems, and enables the expansion of the workforce screening program globally to address the entire workforce simply while requiring minimal organizational resources.

HireRight Enterprise Benefits

HireRight Enterprise utilizes secure Internet technologies to enable better communication and deeper collaboration among various team members dispersed at multiple locations including human resources, recruiting, security, and the hiring manager, while enforcing the consistent application of corporate policies using automated processes and electronic forms.

  • Reduces operational costs by streamlining workflows, facilitating accurate orders, and saving time.
  • Provides automated tools support compliance with legislation, privacy protection, and the facilitation of periodic audits.
  • Integrates with over 30 Applicant Tracking systems (ATS) and Human Capital Management (HCM) systems.
  • Includes tools to help facilitate a streamlined, positive candidate experience including email outreach, online interface and electronic signatures.

Key Features

Manages the entire workforce screening program for employees and non-employees at domestic and foreign locations through a single platform and easily configures to your employment screening policies and requirements.
Automates inefficient manual processes with electronic forms, intelligent ordering, auto-error checking, automated compliance tools, applicant self service, and e-signatures. Streamlines workflow by consolidating tasks to increase employment screening program efficiency and convenience.
Manages global employment screening programs so that they achieve parity with local programs. Provides a positive local experience and the services required for all of your global office locations.
Our solution has been designed to help you manage a compliant and configurable employment screening policy that includes automated compliance features, like automated FCRA compliance and e-consent.
Delivers the ability to control access, while also keeping all relevant hiring stakeholders in the employment screening loop, providing role-based access rights and team notification capabilities.
A simple, intuitive dashboard provides current status through easily understood displays, graphics, charts, tables, lists, and collaborative comments that update continuously.
Collection of key information can be offloaded to candidates via a self-service Internet portal that facilitates accurate data entry, candidate communication, and, if desired, may be accessed via an on-site kiosk.
Manages non-employee workforce programs supporting an unlimited number of vendors, automating vendor invitations and providing vendor self-registration. The solution enforces policy and monitors outcomes.
As a true management tool, the solution unifies information from all sources and integrated systems in user-configurable formatted reports according to scheduling and delivery options.
HireRight Enterprise comes pre-integrated with many leading talent management solutions and adapts to systems, processes, and applications using a flexible Application Programming Interface (API).

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HireRight Enterprise