HireRight Professional

Screening Management Solution for Medium Businesses
Key Benefits
  • Offers robust global platform with industry-leading performance and security
  • Delivers streamlined online, mobile, and key partner integrations with flexible ordering
  • Provides insightful management reports and analytics for your screening program

HireRight Professional helps you confidently and quickly identify the right person for each job by ensuring you have the most accurate and thorough information available about your candidates, in the fastest times possible.

It features ready-to-use packages, designed to industry best practices, to accelerate your candidate background checking and drug testing processes. Of course, you can customize each package to better suit your needs.

With HireRight Professional, you can streamline your background checking program by automating inefficient manual processes and reducing paperwork with electronic forms and e-signatures.

HireRight Professional consolidates otherwise separate background checking and drug testing steps into a unified workflow, for greater efficiency and convenience. Additionally, HireRight’s trained specialists are available to request missing information from candidates and analyze final reports against your hiring criteria to further reduce your workload.

HireRight Professional Benefits

With HireRight Professional, you enjoy full visibility and maintain total control over the entire background checking and drug testing process via a screening dashboard.

You can view in-progress reports, featuring instant status and live updates, at anytime during the process in order to stay in the loop.

To help keep you and other key stakeholders actively informed, HireRight Professional can automatically notify you and others you designate of background checking status and progress.

And since HireRight Professional is delivered on-demand, over the web, you can access your account from anywhere you have Internet access.

  • Reduces time-to-hire through process automation and fast results
  • Creates a supportive candidate experience using personalized web-based portals
  • Maximizes effectiveness with easy-to-understand reports that are accurate and thorough
  • Helps you to ensure compliance, safety and security in the workplace
  • Includes HireRight’s award-winning customer support

Key Features

Enables you to manage your background screening program from a single window. Customizable management reports, team status notifications, and e-mail alerts help you better manage your entire background screening program.
Features best practice background checking and drug testing packages to help you achieve your background screening program objectives. Add a-la-carte services to make them even better, or for very special requirements, build your own packages.
Your background checks are completed at the fastest rates in the industry. Once your order is submitted, results begin appearing immediately, and reports are usually completed in less than two days.
Analyze your completed reports to determine if they meet your required hiring standards. When HireRight specialists perform this time-consuming work for you, HireRight Professional delivers results you can immediately use.
Easily comply with local, state, and federal regulatory requirements using automated compliance tools. An extensive collection of tools and resources are provided to help you comply with ever-changing legislation.
Streamline your background checking and drug testing program with HireRight Professional. It transforms your traditional manual tasks into a highly automated process using electronic forms, documents, and e-signatures.
When you’re ready to advance your background screening program, a simple upgrade to HireRight Enterprise® introduces options for automated employment eligibility, global background checking, extended workforce screening and electronic employment applications.
HireRight is fully committed to your success, so HireRight Professional includes responsive customer service and award-winning account support. Also, you can join the influential HireRight User Group to meet your peers and share best practices.

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HireRight Professional