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2022 “Ban the Box” and Fair Chance Hiring Laws

2022 “Ban the Box” and Fair Chance Hiring Laws

“Ban-the-box” laws delay an employer’s inquiry into a candidate’s criminal history until some later point in the hiring process. They forbid the checkbox on hiring applications that seeks information about an individual’s criminal record. In some cases, they may also include special notice requirements and may also limit the types of criminal information that an employer can consider when making their suitability decision.

This white paper gives an overview of states, cities, and counties that have passed “ban-the-box” or fair chance laws, to help ensure that applicants with criminal records aren’t immediately excluded from consideration for a job because of their criminal past.

Each jurisdiction will cover the relevant law, effective date, coverage, timing of inquiry, prior notice required, content restrictions, use restrictions/requirements, pre-adverse/adverse action notice requirements, additional requirements/considerations, and HireRight screening considerations.

(NOTE: If you have read our previous “Ban-the-Box” white paper, you can see the updated states (Louisiana and Maine) and local jurisdictions (De Soto, TX, Des Moines, IA, and Waterloo, IA) highlighted in blue on the first page.)

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Release date: Jul 18 2022

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