Webinar: Beyond the Basics – Let’s Talk Adjudication

Webinar: Beyond the Basics – Let’s Talk Adjudication

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Go beyond the basics! HireRight Adjudication is truly the hidden gem of background screening services, helping employers manage and improve the effectiveness of their background-report-based hiring decisions. Whether your HR department has downsized due to COVID-19, or you’re ready for employees to return to the workplace, learn how HireRight’s Adjudication can help you do more with less hands-on involvement needed. During this webinar, our experts will share how to identify the screening reports that require additional attention based on your most current hiring guidelines. Additionally, you’ll gain deeper insight into how Adjudication helps streamline hiring decisions, facilitate compliance and improve visibility and control. You'll be able to see it all in action with a live demo – and then hear how HireRight helped Select Rehabilitation improve overall efficiency and reduce time-to-hire. 

 Watch for: 

  •  A Legal Overview 
  •  Product information and demo
  • A Customer success story

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