Demystifying Decriminalized Marijuana

Demystifying Decriminalized Marijuana

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Should employers keep marijuana on their drug testing panels? If it's removed then how do employers ensure that their workforce is not coming to work under the influence? 

The changing landscape of state laws and marijuana's increased acceptance and use have created a perfect storm of confusion for employers and their workplace drug testing programs. Companies committed to a drug-free workplace face challenges due to contradictory federal and state marijuana laws and often struggle to understand their ability to take action based on drug test results. 

Hear Dr. Todd Simo, HireRight's Chief Medical Officer share the latest updates on marijuana testing and best practice recommendations.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Decriminalization update and review of state stances
  • THC testing - where you can and can't test
  • Differences between marijuana intoxication and impairment
  • Recommendations on removing/keeping THC on your drug testing panel
  • Future look at marijuana legislation and emerging technologies

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