Go Beyond Basic #BackgroundScreening with Healthcare Monitoring Solutions

Go Beyond Basic #BackgroundScreening with Healthcare Monitoring Solutions

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Ready to build a more robust and efficient background screening program for your healthcare needs?

This webinar will help you move beyond the basics in background screening with an overview of HireRight’s newest healthcare-focused monitoring solutions. Healthcare organizations strive to provide the best in care and services and maintain compliance with federal and state regulations and accrediting body standards. These organizations are faced with finding effective ways to protect patients and combat fraud, waste and abuse.

Our two new monitoring solutions, Healthcare Sanctions and Actions Monitoring and Occupational License and Certification Monitoring, help solve for two common healthcare business needs that often expose companies to higher-level of risk and use inefficient tracking processes.

Join us to learn more about these products as well as healthcare specific compliance and business needs. The product demos will highlight:

  • Healthcare Sanctions and Actions Monitoring – how it helps identify, on an ongoing basis, employees who have been sanctioned or excluded from participating in federal and state programs
  • Occupational License and Certification Monitoring – an efficient process for the tracking of license expirations using an easy to maintain, roster-based solution. 

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