Protecting Your Brand With Social Media Screening

Protecting Your Brand With Social Media Screening

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Adapting to the Digital Workplace means more than compliance and security concerns to gain access to the data you need.  How do you leverage digital data to screen potential candidates for toxic workplace behavior before they become an employee? Let HireRight and Fama Technologies, Inc. (Fama) help you understand how social media background screening can help you identify candidates’ job-relevant behaviors. Offered through a seamless integration within the HireRight platform, social screening can broaden the scope of your background check to fit today’s virtual work environment.

Leveraging Fama’s technology, searches generate reports that offer comprehensive analyses built to align with customers’ own hiring standards and policies – ultimately helping to protect against potential brand and bottom-line damage for your company.

This webinar will help you understand the basics of social media screening as offered by HireRight and Fama. Through it, you will learn:

  • How are HireRight & Fama Technologies partnering to deliver social media screening?
  • Why should your organization invest in social media screening?
  • What is our social screening solution and is it suitable for your organization?
  • What are some common social screening finds and how can they impact your hiring decisions?

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Release date: Nov 12 2020