The Real World of Social Media Screening

The Real World of Social Media Screening

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Will Dobbins, Security Manager at Amgen, is joined by Alonzo Martinez, Associate Council at HireRight and Ben Mones, CEO and Founder at Fama, for a fireside chat detailing his team's experience with using HireRight's social media screening product. In addition to discussing how Amgen fits social screening into their screening workflow, we also provide insight into how social screening is viewed from an employer compliance standpoint. 

This session builds on a prior webinar co-produced by HireRight and Fama Technologies, Protecting Your Brand With Social Media Screening, which focused on the basics: why companies are using social screening, what information gets reported, and overall best practices for launching a program.  In this program we will bring those learnings into the real-world environment, showcasing how one of the world's largest biotechnology firms launched their social screening program and the challenges and success stories that came next. 

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