HireRight Sharing Economy

Supports business growth while addressing the demands of the digital marketplace

The Sharing Economy, also sometimes referred to as the Peer-to-Peer Economy, has challenged the status quo.

For the first time, the mass market of consumers has truly been empowered to become entrepreneurs.

This unique ability to provide freedom and choice for individuals has turned the Sharing Economy into a rapidly blossoming and disruptive industry.

For these digital marketplaces to continue to develop, they must create a sense of safety and trust for buyers.

Performing background checks of marketplace entrepreneurs can lend credibility to your marketplace while simultaneously helping to protect your organization’s reputation.

Focus on growing your business

To meet your customer’s demanding expectations, you need to have confidence that due diligence does not hinder sustained marketplace growth. HireRight supports this business imperative by providing the strongest integration capabilities in the industry, delivering best-in-class service speed as part of your standard registration process.

Our highly configurable platform adapts to your preferred business process, allowing you to own the user experience. Most importantly, HireRight’s screening solutions offer the capacity to readily scale with technology as your business grows. Our services help you focus on your top priority: growing your business.

Empower your marketplace entrepreneurs

HireRight helps empower your marketplace entrepreneurs with a best-in-class user experience. Our solution seamlessly integrates into your existing registration process while providing greater transparency and fast results.

The outcome is an enhanced user experience, enabling your marketplace entrepreneurs to distinguish themselves among their peers and competitors.

Taking your solution global

Your digital marketplace recognizes no borders. To compete effectively, you must be positioned to take advantage of the rapid growth in global consumer demand. HireRight supports your international expansion with a global footprint in more than 200 countries and territories, delivering fast and effective results.

We offer unparalleled language support to help ensure a more positive experience no matter where you cultivate your marketplace.

Nuanced cultural perspectives and personal privacy must be respected, and HireRight’s decades of screening experience have taught us to conduct background checks with such care and a respect for international norms.

Screening Services