About HireRight

Empowering Employers with Innovative Solutions for Smart Hiring Decisions

You need much more than just raw data to operate a successful employment screening program. You need the insight and expertise that can come from experience.

As one of the world's largest providers of employee background check services, HireRight specialises in helping organisations of all sizes and locations efficiently implement, manage and control their background screening programs.

We pride ourselves on working with the wide variety of organisational types and sizes that exist in today's global business environment. By providing easy-to-use, streamlined solutions, we can help solve even the toughest background screening problems and help organisations work smarter.

Customer Focused Services 

Many of the world's most forward-thinking and successful companies, including 70% of the Fortune 500, trust the HireRight family to deliver effective, customer focused services that provide increased efficiency and faster turnaround of recruitment projects.

The HireRight family offers unrivaled global coverage, today serving in excess of 30,000 customers through 16 global offices and capabilities in approximately 200 countries and territories, covering markets in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, South America and Africa.

Key Innovations

HireRight developed and launched the industry's first Internet-based background screening services in June 1997. We were the first to develop pre-integrated background screening services with leading e-recruiting applications, and now offer more of these solutions than any provider in the industry.