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HireRight Transportation Survey Finds 21 Percent of Drivers Leave Due to Health Issues; Prompts Higher Adoption of Wellness and Retention Programs

Amidst an Aging Workforce, Transportation Industry Invests in Finding and Retaining Talent

IRVINE, Calif., May 11, 2016HireRight, a leading provider of global background checks and drug and health testing, today announced findings from its 2016 Transportation Spotlight report, survey results on employee background checks, recruiting and retention practices in the transportation industry. With the driver shortage expected to worsen in 2016, 59 percent of respondents reported finding, retaining and developing talent was their top business challenge. The survey found 41 percent of drivers are leaving to spend more time at home and 21 percent are leaving due to health issues, prompting a closer look at wellness and lifestyle programs to increase retention, recognizing the positive effects they can have on keeping drivers healthy and happy.

Due to the talent shortage, the transportation industry is willing to spend money to attract and retain talent. According to the survey, 35 percent of respondents offer safety and accident prevention programs, 21 percent offer free immunization/flu shots and 18 percent offer smoking cessation programs. In addition to increased driver retention, these kinds of wellness programs can also help decrease health care and worker’s compensation costs and improve safety records, yet 45 percent of respondents do not offer a wellness program at all.

“Driving is a physically demanding profession and getting proper rest, eating right and maintaining an exercise routine is a challenge due to the nature of the job,” said Steven Spencer, manager director of transportation, HireRight. “The workforce is aging and attracting younger drivers remains a challenge due to the trucking lifestyle. The transportation industry is realizing that wellness programs and other methods of improving the quality of life for drivers, while relatively new to motor carriers, are effective ways to attract and retain drivers and boost their overall health, well-being and retention.”

Wellness programs are not the only method of retaining drivers, as respondents are also investing in monetary benefits including increased pay (51%), upgraded equipment (49%) and recognition/rewards programs (41%). Non-monetary benefits are also gaining popularity with 57% investing in driver appreciation events and 35% providing flexible work arrangements.

Realizing that driver retention and engagement starts during the screening and onboarding process, 34 percent are investing in improving the candidate experience. Of the survey respondents, 34 percent are creating longer orientation/training periods and 32 percent are appointing a driver liaison/mentor to new drivers. Industry data[1] has shown that 90 percent of drivers decide they will stay at an organization within the first six months on the job, yet, according to the report, 32 percent of respondents are not utilizing retention tactics for new hires.

To learn more about key trends and industry practices around background screening and drug testing in the transportation industry visit https://www.hireright.com/landing/hireright-2016-transportation-spotlight-report.

Survey Methodology
The HireRight 2016 Annual Employment Screening Benchmark Report is based on almost 3,500 human resources, recruiting, security, and management professionals. Of the total survey respondents, 21 percent indicated that their primary industry was transportation. The results in the report were compiled from those 21 percent.

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[1] http://www.truckdriverretention.com/2015/04/the-4-essential-aspects-of-successful-driver-onboarding/

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