HireRight Partner: SmartRecruiters


The SmartRecruiters-HireRight integration simplifies and consolidates critical recruiting and background screening requirements into a seamless real-time integrated solution that is easy to use and deploy.  Through the integration, ordering quality background checks or drug tests is just a few simple clicks away, and once the order is submitted, results can begin appearing immediately without ever leaving the SmartRecruiters system.  And since the candidate information from SmartRecruiters pre-populates the background check request, duplicate data entry is eliminated, saving users time and money.  Additionally, with real-time updates, organizations are able to view results from each individual search as they are completed.  Since the integration was co-developed by SmartRecruiters and HireRight, future upgrades will be supported.

SmartRecruiters Partner Datasheet
SmartRecruiters Integration Workflow

About Smart Recruiters

SmartRecruiters is an end to end Talent Acquisition Suite used by 3000+ companies. It spans sourcing, recruitment marketing, collaborative hiring, and deep analytics and has productized integrations to 400+ recruiting technologies through its Marketplace. Companies like Adidas, Bosch, IKEA Visa, Sketchers, Equinox, Alaska Airlines, Square and Alcoa use SmartRecruiters to scale their enterprises.