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Widescreen Plus

Supplement and Widen Criminal History Search

HireRight Widescreen Plus supplements HireRight’s county criminal records search products by checking numerous, diverse, and unique sources to help uncover an applicant’s criminal history in jurisdictions beyond an applicant’s known address history.

The search is a source of 'tips and leads' information that can help reveal difficult to locate criminal records. Any potential records found by HireRight’s Widescreen Plus are confirmed for currency, accuracy and completeness at the source before being reported.

HireRight Widescreen Plus Benefits

By enabling organizations to conduct a wider search for an applicant's criminal history, HireRight Widescreen Plus offers these key benefits:

  • Broadens search coverage – Searches for criminal records across the United States including county criminal records, sex offender records and Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) records.
  • Incorporates unique HireRight data – Leverages the results of more than 30 years of HireRight background checks.
  • Helps uncover information beyond an address history search – Reveals criminal history information that may be found in locations beyond where the applicant has lived.

Key Features

  • Supplements county criminal searches
  • Automatically spins Criminal Felonies and Misdemeanors search
  • May include Sex Offender Registry information
  • May include OFAC information
  • Only reports records validated at the original source

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