Criminal Record Monitoring

Why Order Criminal Record Monitoring?

In the United States, as part of FBI fingerprint-based criminal history background checks are required for employment in a wide variety of state or federally regulated positions across multiple industries in conjunction with a name-based check.  Only employers in specific regulated industries as defined by law are eligible to request fingerprint based criminal history checks. 

Fingerprint-based criminal history checks match an individual to a potential criminal record using the National Automated Fingerprint Identification System and the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) database maintained by the FBI.

HireRight’s FBI Fingerprinting and FINRA Fingerprinting background check services include ordering, appointment scheduling and invoicing. These checks seamlessly integrate with existing screening services including drug and health testing and employment background screening.

The HireRight Solution:

  • Biometric service provides additional identity verification
  • Streamlined collection and fulfillment of fingerprint-based criminal history checks
  • Both client and candidate can access status updates throughout the process
  • Network of 1100 + LiveScan locations across US, and alternate Manual process if needed.

If you are required to order a Fingerprint-based background check, HireRight can help you easily manage the candidate and ordering process as you find the right candidates. 

HireRight Criminal Record Monitoring Benefits

For regulated industries or roles, adding fingerprint-based criminal history background checks help to satisfy additional biometric based requirements. HireRight Fingerprinting offers these key benefits:

  • Biometric service provides additional identity verification - Finger-print based criminal history background checks help to satisfy the requirements for specific requirements for regulated industries or  roles
  • Integration into your current drug and background screening package - Easy ordering, appointment scheduling and invoicing for Fingerprinting requests, helping you manage the process
  • Extensive Network of LiveScan locations - Candidates have access to a fully automated network of over 1100 LiveScan electronic fingerprint capture locations across the US, as well as a manual capture process if needed

Key Features

  • Monthly monitoring

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