DAC Widescreen

Supplements and Widens Criminal History Search for Transportation Companies

DAC Widescreen was designed to supplement HireRight’s county criminal search products by checking numerous, diverse, and unique sources to help uncover an applicant’s criminal history in jurisdictions beyond an applicant’s known address history.

The search is a source of 'tips and leads' information that can help reveal difficult to locate criminal records. Any potential records found are confirmed for currency, accuracy, and completeness at the source before being reported.

Key Benefits
  • Broadens criminal search coverage
  • Reveals criminal history beyond where the applicant has lived
  • Leverages 30 years of proprietary information

HireRight DAC Widescreen

Criminal background searches can be done for minimal cost and are invaluable when making hiring decisions and defending against negligent hiring claims. No transportation company can afford to forego a criminal background check since one negative incident could be detrimental to the company’s brand and overall reputation in the industry.

DAC Widescreen is used to identify additional public records sources to search beyond where an applicant lived or worked. Once additional localities are identified, HireRight will then conduct a search and report records in accordance with HireRight’s standard matching and reporting guidelines and the search depth selected by the customer. 

  • Searches for criminal records across the United States
  • Includes country criminal records, sex offender records, and Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) records
  • Reveals criminal history information that may be found in locations beyond where the applicant has lived
  • HireRight automatically performs searches at the applicable primary source(s) that are identified by the DAC Widescreen search

Key Features

  • Supplements country criminal searches
  • Automatically spins Criminal Felonies and Misedeameanors search
  • May include Sex Offender Registry information
  • May include OFAC information
  • Only reports records validated at the original source