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Improve Time-to-Hire with Adjudication Services

  • Identify the screening reports that require additional review and assessment

  • Decrease the number of reports that require your review

  • Ensure that your most current hiring guidelines are consistently applied

How Do Adjudication Services Help You Make the Right Risk-Informed Decision?

  • Streamlines hiring decisions by decreasing the number of reports requiring additional review

  • Helps you manage a screening program that supports your organization’s needs

  • Improves visibility and control through configurable access controls that grant viewing and adjudication status-setting rights

  • Helps ensure that current hiring guidelines are consistently applied

Two Levels of Service

  • Your specific adjudication criteria are provided to HireRight and maintained in your account.

  • Results with discrepancies are reviewed by a HireRight adjudicator against your hiring criteria to identify reports that meet your criteria and those that require your individualized review.

  • We offer the flexibility to have different hiring criteria for different roles/packages in a single account (i.e., driver vs. non driver).