24/7 Post-Accident & Reasonable Suspicion Testing

24 Hour Emergency Drug & Alcohol Collections

HireRight provides emergency post-accident testing services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year simply by calling our toll-free number.  

Staff is available immediately to answer questions, document incidents, and schedule exams at a nearby facility or with an on-site mobile collector.

The FMCSA requires that employers conduct alcohol tests as soon as practicable following an accident – generally within 2 hours and no later than 8 hours from the time an accident occurred. Drug tests must be administered within 32 hours. 

HireRight 24/7 Post-Accident & Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Since property damage or personal injury may result from accidents, testing following an accident can help determine whether drugs and/or alcohol were a factor. 

Companies with employees under DOT regulations are required to perform post-accident testing. However, many other companies are choosing to implement a post-accident testing program for the purpose of maintaining a safe working environment.

  • Around the clock access to emergency collections for post-accident/reasonable cause testing
  • Consultation provided to help meet DOT requirements and company policy guidelines
  • Extensive national collection site network to assist in scheduling emergency services
  • Thorough documentation provided for company records

Key Features

  • Strict chain-of-custody form procedures utilized to ensure integrity of results
  • Non-negative drug test results reviewed by Medical Review Officers
  • Electronic imaging and record-keeping
  • Nationwide network of collection sites and mobile units

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