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Hair Drug Testing

Hair Drug Testing for Illegal Drug Use

Hair drug testing helps detect more illegal drug users, reduces illegal drug use among current employees and deters illegal drug users from applying with companies who use hair testing.

Hair testing provides up to a 90-day detection window for repetitive drug use patterns; urine testing may only detect drug use for the past 48-72 hours.

It includes five panel tests for the most commonly abused drugs plus testing for metabolites associated with these drugs.

HireRight Hair Testing

The actual cost is minimal compared to the cost of employing an illegal drug user. Illegal drug use by employees can impose high costs to an employer in the form of lower productivity, increased accident rates, higher turnover, theft and damage to equipment.

Beyond the direct financial impacts are the long-term risks of losing market share and reputation. Other benefits include:

  • Longer detection time (approximately three months) and higher positive rates than traditional urine or saliva
  • Hair drug testing technology identifies 5-10 times more illegal drug users than other traditional methods like urine or saliva
  • Samples cannot be easily substituted, adulterated, or diluted
  • Reduced accident rates, absenteeism, turnover, theft, and workplace violence
  • Improvements in workers' compensation claims and insurance costs
  • Deterrent for future drug use among existing employees

Key Features

  • Nationwide hair testing collection network with trained collectors
  • FDA cleared testing labs used for analysis
  • Five panel tests conducted (including synthetic opiate detection)
  • Non-negative laboratory tested results reviewed by HireRight in-house Medical Review Officers
  • Sample collected under chain-of-custody procedures
  • Paper and eCOC (electronic chain-of-custody) paperless testing options available to provide a more efficient and automated testing solution

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