Medical Questionnaire

Pre-Employment Medical Assessment

Medical questionnaires can be given to applicants upfront to find out if there are any known medical issues that may prevent or disqualify them from performing the requirements of the job according to applicable job-specific legal requirements.

Because each organization has unique requirements, employers will be required to provide their own medical questionnaires and review guidelines. Questionnaires must be narrowly tailored to inquire only about such physical or medical information that is specifically and directly related to the position for which the applicant is being considered, in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

Levels of Service

Basic Service

The employer is responsible for sending the medical questionnaire to the applicant and ensuring that the information provided meets all regulatory and legal requirements. Once the applicant completes the form, it is forwarded to HireRight for confirmation that the questionnaire has been completed and the image of the questionnaire is placed in the system for easy access.

Medical Review Service

The same process as the basic service is followed, but additionally HireRight’s medical team will review the completed questionnaire in light of the employer’s guidelines. A “meets standard” or “may not meet standard –further review required” status is placed on the order based on the team’s review of the information.

HireRight Medical Questionnaire Benefits

Considerable time and expense is involved in on-boarding applicants that are later disqualified due to a pre-existing medical condition. If an applicant is unable to satisfy the physical and medical requirements of the position, no further expense needs to be incurred in ordering additional pre-employment drug testing or physical examinations.

  • Helps reduce pre-employment testing costs
  • Determines the fitness of applicants to safely carry out duties while ensuring compliance with employment equality legislation
  • Allows employees to be placed in jobs compatible with their health and physical abilities
  • Establishes whether reasonable adjustments need to be made to work environment
  • Protects company’s integrity by helping to ensure safety of staff and clients

Key Features

  • Confirmation that form has been completed properly
  • Medical team reviews questionnaire to determine if applicant meets guidelines
  • Stores all images and reports in a single platform for easy management
  • Customized forms and guidelines developed by employer

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