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Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services

Medical Review of Laboratory Results

HireRight’s in-house MROs’ review and evaluate laboratory results associated with an employer’s federal and workplace drug testing program. This helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of all test results.

When the lab reports a confirmed positive result to HireRight, the MRO will try to contact the donor to conduct an interview to determine whether there is a reasonable medical explanation for the confirmed results. If there is, the MRO will ask the donor to provide the required verifiable proof and will report the results to the employer.

HireRight Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services Benefits

MRO services greatly enhance the validity and reliability of the employer’s overall workplace drug testing program. The review helps ensure fairness to the donor and offers more protection to the employer in case of later litigation due to a "positive" drug test where the employee has been suspended or fired or an applicant not hired.

  • Protects both the rights of the employer and the employee/applicant
  • Determines whether a legitimate medical explanation accounts for a confirmed positive test
  • Evaluates for the appropriate use of prescription medications
  • Validates the forensic integrity of a drug test result
  • Addresses possible adulterated urine specimens
  • Considers the possible impact of the donor’s medical condition
  • Renders a professional interpretation of the biomedical factors involved with a  positive result
  • Provides an opinion on poppy seed ingestion and presences of foreign medications
  • Compliant with all federal, state and local laws

Key Features

  • In-house MROs are professionally licensed physicians
  • Positive results are reviewed same day received from lab
  • Donor interview conducted to determine result legitimacy
  • Two attempts made to contact the donor before releasing results to employers
  • Verification re-opened if donor calls after the non-contact result review
  • If results overturned from negative to positive, the employer is notified

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