DOT Alcohol Testing

DOT Alcohol Testing for Regulated Employers

HireRight’s DOT alcohol testing service was designed specifically for DOT regulated employers. DOT alcohol test product offerings include: random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, and follow-up.

Saliva or breath tests can be used for screening. Alcohol test results less than 0.02 alcohol concentration is considered negative. If the alcohol concentration is greater than 0.02, a second confirmation test is conducted using a DOT-approved Evidential Breath Test Device (EBT) and will be the final result reported.  HireRight will provide you with a copy of the complete report and a document image of the actual alcohol test result form with final results. 

Key Benefits
  • Administered by DOT trained technicians
  • Screening results reported within minutes
  • Compliant for all modes of transportation

HireRight DOT Alcohol Testing

HireRight takes the stress out of running a DOT alcohol testing program and helps you remain compliant. Failure to comply with DOT alcohol testing regulations places you at risk for civil penalties, DOT audits, and out-of-service orders.

Our knowledgeable customer service staff is available to answer regulatory, operational, or program management questions. In the event of an accident, a HireRight representative will identify and set up an alcohol testing appointment or dispatch a mobile testing unit if necessary.

  • One platform to run all DOT drug and health screening metrics, including MIS management reports and random program management
  • Access to the final result report and alcohol test image
  • Single invoice for all drug and health screening services
  • Testing helps reduce costs associated with accidents, turnover, theft, violence and litigation

Key Features

  • Test using devices approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Confirming Products List (NHTSA CPL)
  • Federal alcohol testing form used to document all testing processes
  • 24/365 emergency and post-accident service and assistance
  • Electronic imaging and record-keeping
  • Certified random selection program