Welcome Members of the Association of Executive Search Consultants

As a retained executive search consultant, your clients place a great deal of trust in you to provide them with the optimal candidates for open positions. Moreover, you have worked extremely hard to earn that trust – why place it at risk by not having all the relevant information on a potential executive?

HireRight can help you make the right recommendation by providing you with necessary details of a candidate's background, solidifying precious trust and strengthening your professional reputation.

The AESC - HireRight Partnership
The AESC has partnered with HireRight, the world's largest background, drug and health and employment eligibility services provider, to offer its members employment screening services for the executive search market. These services are all designed to help you have more confidence in your placement recommendations.

Executive-Level Screening
As AESC's exclusive background check partner, HireRight understands that executive-level placements require a greater level of due diligence than traditional job openings. Experienced specialists will work tirelessly to provide you with information that could potentially affect your recommendations, such as unreported liens, criminal and civil filings, and defunct businesses. HireRight's highly trained analysts gather information from a wide range of trusted sources, compiling our findings into an easy-to-read report. We also understand the need to adopt a flexible approach when conducting such in-depth background investigations - reassessing target areas as necessary and pursuing new leads as they arise. The result is a comprehensive overview of an individual's background, delivered with the utmost attention to customer service, data quality and legal compliance.

Furthermore, as more executives work, live and study abroad, it has become increasingly important that screening providers be able to procure background information from around the world. HireRight has extensive international capabilities in 200+ countries and territories, which allow us to provide crucial details that many other screening vendors simply cannot.


Partner with HireRight
At HireRight, our approach, capabilities, and resources, coupled with industry-leading technology, are available to support your best practices. Acting as your partner, we provide services that are of the highest caliber. To help safeguard your client relationships and professional reputation, contact us by completing the online form or by calling 800 400-2761.