Registry Checks

Performing criminal and other public record searches on individuals in your organization facilitates safety and protects your brand. Many organizations, especially those who are involved in vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly, may be required by federal and/or state law to perform criminal and other public record searches on employees and their extended workforce. These types of searches also provide information that helps you make the decision on whether the individual is a good fit and may be a positive asset in delivering quality service.

Examples of health care organizations that commonly run these searches include hospitals, swing-bed facilities, nursing homes, county and state medical care facilities, hospices, homes for the aged, home health agencies, mental health facilities, adult foster care facilities, and outpatient facilities. Regulations requiring criminal and other public record searches vary by state. Information received from these types of checks must be collected and used in employment decisions in accordance with federal and state mandates so it is important to consult with counsel. HireRight can help you develop a screening program that meets your organizational and regulatory requirements.

Criminal and public record checks for health care organizations