Adult Abuse Registry Check

Prevent Unsafe Environments for Sensitive Populations

HireRight’s Adult Abuse Registry Check screens state registries for records of individuals who have been identified by state adult protective services to have committed adult abuse. The registries were designed to limit the individuals' future health care employment and protect seniors over 60 years of age and adults over 18 years of age with disabilities. 

Key Benefits
  • Ensure patient safety
  • Avoid costly litigation and fines
  • Protect the organization's brand

HireRight Adult Abuse Registry Check Benefits

HireRight’s Adult Abuse Registry Check helps organizations, such as long-term care or assisted living facilities and home health care providers, to adequately screen and comply with state regulatory requirements to:

  • Ensure patient safety – Prescreen candidates in patient care roles and continually check current employees.
  • Comply with state regulations and avoid costly litigation and fines – Check applicable registries and limit employment for those individuals who appear on them.
  • Protect an organization’s brand – Reduce the risk of hiring an employee who has committed abuse and may be more likely to be a repeat offender

Key Features

  • Vulnerable population
  • Patient safety
  • Neglect
  • Abuse
  • Compliance
  • Reasons
  • Employment eligibility
  • Disposition