Recognize FDA-restricted Individuals

Identify individuals who are restricted from receiving investigational drugs, biologics, or devices by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The HireRight FDA Disqualified/Restricted/Assurances Lists Check reveals persons that may have failed to comply with regulatory requirements for studies or submitted false information to the study’s sponsor. 

The lists are intended to help ensure that organizations performing clinical research protect clinical study subjects and ensure clinical research data integrity.

Key Benefits
  • Verify clinical researcher eligibility claims
  • Protect publick, subjects, and clinical data
  • Protect your organization against fines

HireRight FDA Disqualified / Restricted / Assurances Lists Check

A HireRight FDA Disqualified/Restricted/Assurances Lists Check can help an organization ensure they are complying with regulatory requirements related to the development of investigational drugs, biological products, or medical devices. Other benefits include:

  • Verify claims of clinical researcher eligibility – Confirm candidates do not appear on the FDA Disqualified/Restricted/Assurances Lists before allowing them to work.
  • Protect the public, subjects, and clinical data – Maintain public safety, protect research subjects, and ensure the integrity of clinical research results.
  • Protect your organization against fines – Avoid potential fines for non-compliance with FDA regulations.

Key Features

  • Name of person and address, if provided
  • Type
  • Comments
  • Center
  • Action Date