HireRight Partner: Verensics


The Verensics mission is to anticipate and address employee-related risks before those risks become incidents.  Clients can quickly discover, understand, and act upon individual risk, as well as organizational insider threats.  The core advantage of our technology is that our analytics enable our clients to identify attempts by individuals to deceive, conceal information, or answer evasively. Utilize the Verensics platform to intervene before an incident occurs (i.e. workplace violence, use of drugs and alcohol at work, theft, and fraud) by screening job candidates and current employees. Can be used for pre-employment check or for check on existing employees.

About Verensics:
Verensics, LLC, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, in partnership with Tel Aviv, Israel based IntegrityMeter, provides the next-generation, cloud-based integrity assessment, the Visible Risk™ Index. 
The VRI utilizes advanced analytics to assess the risk an individual poses to an organization. The concept of the VRI was created by the former lead official of the Israeli Security Agency’s Interrogation and Polygraph Division.  Our platform was created to integrate predictive analytic technology with the expertise of an international team of specialists with years of investigation, face-to-face interrogation, psychology, philosophy, and human resource management experience.