HireRight Partner: Verensics


Verensics provides you with a web-based integrity and reliability assessment that is given to either CURRENT or PROSPECTIVE employees.  Once completed, you can immediately access the results and understand the risk associated with that individual.  Whether you hire 1 person a year or 100,000 people a year, we can help you hire with confidence! 

Verensics is designed to discover the information that is never reported in criminal background checks and therefore background checks can’t identify, making sure that the person who should be on the job is on the job.   There is no magic bullet when it comes to evaluating the suitability of candidates.  When you hire people, you may use several filters and tools. 

The Verensics assessment evaluates a candidate’s involvement and tolerance regarding risky behavior, including:

Workplace Violence * Employee Theft * Illegal Drugs/Alcohol Use * Bribery/Fraud * Protection of Information/Sabotage/Industrial Espionage * Honesty/Integrity Financial Stability * Harassment/Bullying * Motivation/Withdrawal * loyalty/Turnover

Verensics is a unique on-line employee integrity, risk, and reliability assessment, which exposes information not found in background screening, including:

Admissions of involvement in criminal activity or counterproductive behaviors, regardless of whether the activities have been reported to authorities
Tolerance of criminal activity or counterproductive behaviors
Attempts to conceal information, or evade a topic

Our proprietary algorithm monitors and analyzes candidate performance in real-time, constructing a unique profile for each candidate.  Verensics enhances our client’s candidate and employee vetting processes, making sure they have the right people on the job.

Verensics is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.