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Occupational Health Services

Services to Help Support a Healthy, Safe Workforce

Controlling occupational illnesses and injuries and related expenditures is a top priority for most organizations. HireRight offers a wide range of occupational health services to help organizations maintain a healthy workforce and meet policy and contract obligations.

Your candidates/employees will have access to 20,000+ convenient nationwide testing locations. Plus, HireRight’s clinical integrations with major laboratory partners provide thousands of additional low-cost, in-network clinic options that significantly reduce turnaround times for occupational blood testing services, including TB blood (QFT/T-SPOT), titers and more!

Services available include: Iso-Kinetic Test, Physical Ability Test, Vision Tests, MMR Vaccine and Titer, Hepatitis A Vaccine and Titer, Hepatitis B Vaccine and Hep-B Titer, Hepatitis C Titer, TDaP Vaccine, Varicella Vaccine and Titer, Rubella Vaccine and Titer, Influenza Vaccine, Typhoid Vaccine, OSHA Respirator Questionnaires, Pulmonary Function Tests, Chest X-Rays, Respirator Fit Tests, CBC  Differentials, SMA, EKG, Audiogram, TB-PPD, and Lift Test. 

HireRight Occupational Health Services

Occupational health services can help companies be as effective as possible by protecting employees' overall health and well-being. Early intervention and preventive care can improve attendance and retention among employees and boost a company’s overall public image.

  • Full range of cost-effective occupational health services
  • Experienced medical professionals located throughout the U.S.
  • Aids in the prevention of illnesses/diseases
  • Increases employee performance, productivity and profit
  • Improves and manages insurance costs
  • Helps comply with applicable health and safety legislation

Key Features

  • Clinic selection option allows employers to control costs
  • Services performed by knowledgeable medical professionals
  • One of the industry’s fastest turnaround times for clinical blood testing services
  • Integrated with background and drug screening services
  • Electronic imaging and record-keeping
  • Consolidated billing for all health services conducted throughout network

Other Types of Drug & Health Screening

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