DOT Compliance History (FMCSA)

Manual Employment Verification Services

HireRight’s DOT Compliance History is comprised of basic employment and drug/alcohol verifications performed by a team with specialized knowledge of the trucking industry and federal regulations. This service fulfills the FMCSA requirement for a three-year employment and drug/alcohol verification on a prospective driver.

The DOT drug/alcohol verification (FMCSA) covers the applicant’s drug/alcohol violation history including whether the driver violated the alcohol and controlled substances prohibitions. Positive test confirmation and SAP referral information is provided if applicable.

Key Benefits
  • DOT compliant employment and drug/alcohol verifications
  • Specially trained team of verifiers
  • Inexpensive alternative to calling past employers

HireRight DOT Compliance History (FMCSA)

Checking an applicant’s previous employment and drug/alcohol history can take a significant amount of time and effort. Previous employers may not be easy to get a hold of and may sometimes be reluctant to provide the detailed information required.

DOT regulations are specific about the types of questions that must be asked and answered as part of the verification process. HireRight’s team takes the guesswork out of completing verifications, freeing up valuable time for employers.

  • Receive accurate and complete employer and drug/alcohol histories
  • Eliminates confusion over the types of questions that need to be asked
  • Mitigates risk of various penalties and fines for failure to obtain proper verifications
  • Affordable and time-saving solution for calling past employers
  • Satisfies DOT rule 49 CFR Part 391

Key Features

  • One-step to order combined employment and drug/alcohol verifications
  • Platform provides status updates on progress of request
  • Verifications performed by specialized team with knowledge of DOT regulations
  • Consistent research methodologies help ensure accurate and complete information
  • Integrated with popular Applicant Tracking and Driver Qualification File systems