Drug and Alcohol Test Database

Clearinghouse of Drug/Alcohol Violation Histories

HireRight’s proprietary Drug and Alcohol History Database contains records for more than 2,500 motor carriers and includes both period of service drug and alcohol histories and pre-employment drug test results. The file currently stores 4 million+ records, with thousands added every month.

Prospective employers instantly receive a list of companies that have stored drug/alcohol violation histories and may receive a full drug and alcohol history report once they submit a signed release from the applicant. The history report will indicate whether or not the driver violated a DOT drug/alcohol regulation, and if there was a violation including the date and specific violation.

Key Benefits
  • Comprehensive source for drug and alcohol reports
  • Full histories available with signed release
  • Earn credit for drug/alcohol records submitted

HireRight Drug and Alcohol Test Database Benefits

Prospective employers will be able to quickly check for any DOT drug and alcohol violations and determine if the applicant meets their hiring standards. This saves a considerable amount of time from having to call and fax previous employers for information.

Only participating members are allowed to access the database and stored records. Members who provide drug and alcohol histories will earn credit for driver records submitted.

  • Quickly determine if a driver meets your safety standards
  • Inexpensive alternative to calling and faxing each past employer
  • Become a member and earn credit for driver drug/alcohol histories submitted
  • Complies with DOT rule 49 CFR Part 40.25

Key Features

  • Contains drug/alcohol histories and pre-employment drug test results
  • Full report provided with a signed release form from the applicant
  • Trained staff reviews the release for compliance before releasing records
  • Includes data on company drivers, owner-operators, and independent contractors
  • Integrated with popular Applicant Tracking and Driver Qualification File systems